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Rizal in Paris, France
17 June 1883
Rizal arrived at Paris. He spent the whole day walking around and observing the beautiful cities.

18 June 1883
With Felipe Zamora and Cunanan, He visited the Leannec Hospital to observe how Dr, Nicaise treated his patients. He was stunned to see the advanced facilities in the accommodation in the said hospital.

19 June 1883
He again visited Dr. Nicaise who showed the technique of operation. Later he went to see dupytren Museum.

20 June 1883
Rizal visited the Lariboisiere Hospital where Felix Pardo de Tavera was an extern. Here he observe the examination of the different diseases of women.

21 June 1883
After watching the done by Dr. Duply, he went to the Jardin dí Acclimatation situated outside the Paris in the Forest of Bologna. He found there plants of all species and the rarest and most beautiful birds.

5 July 1883
In a letter to his parents, sisters and brother, Rizal continued describing the museum, buildings and hospitals he had visited in Paris.

2 August 1883
In a letter to his parents, he continued describing his visits to museum and his excursions to important place in Paris.

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