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Rizal Back in Madrid

8 April 1884
He started his sculptural work representing the "wounded gladiator."

13 April 1884
He receive letters from Leonor Rivera, Uncle Antonio, and from Chengoy (Jose Cecilio). He was very much contented with the news, although not of the health of the Leonor.

17 April 1884
He saw Rossi, the Italian actor representing the Kean, Dumas’ drama. He was surprise of the effect – well represented. Jose Cecilio informed him about the rivalry between Leonor Valenzuela and Leonor Rivera. He told rizal in a letter about the desire of Miss Rivera to see Miss Valenzuela with the object of settling the rivalry.

- From the same letter learned that two thirds medical students studying University of Santo Thomas failing grades.

20 April 1884
He receive uncle Antonio 500 pesetas he went to visit the brother, but they were home.

24 April 1884
In the evening he saw Hamlet presented and he had a pleasant moment how wonderfully was interpreted.

1 May 1884
He stopped eating in Calle de Lobo, Madrid; he wnt to the Calle de Principe. He dropped his German language lessons in order to devote the entire month to his studies for the coming examinations.

6 May 1884
Rizal answered Lorenzo D’Ayot who published an article entitled "El Teatro Tagalo."

5 June 1884
He took the examination on medical clinic, 2nd course, in Central University de Madrid.

6 June 1884
He took the examination in his last subject in Medicine, Surgical clinic, 2nd course. He got grade of "ver good."

9 June 1884
Rizal filed an application for graduation for the degree of Licentiate in Medicine.

13 June 1884
He took an examination in Greek and Latin literature. He obtained a grade of "excellent" in both subjects.

14 June 1884
He took an examination in Greek, 1st course, and got a grade of "excellent."

17 June 1884
Rizal pawned his ring to pay the fees for the examination.

21 June 1884
He finished the degree of Licentiate in Medicine with the grade of aprobado from the Central Universidad de Madrid.

25 June 1884
Rizal won first prize in Greek contest, after which he delivered a speech in honor of the two Filipino painters, Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. The occasion commemorated the triumph of the two, especially Luna who won the first prize for his Spoliarium during the National Exposition of Fine Arts held in Madrid that year.

26 June 1884
He took an examination in Universal History, 2nd course. He grade of "excellent."

27 June 1884
He was informed in a letter by Mariano Katigbak about the deteriorating health of Leonor Rivera caused by her too much loving and waiting for her love one.

1 July 1884
Rizal explained the term "Filibusterismo" in the newspaper of Madrid El Progreso, calling the attention of the Spanish authorities over the case of future of the Filipinos. He asked for freedom of the press and the right of representation of the Spanish Cortes.

29 August 1884
He came to know how Pedro Tobin of Nagcarlan Laguna, was gypped in Madrid. The man was fooled and all his cash was lost. He relayed the news to the Philippines thru his parents.

31 August 1884
The popularity of his speech delivered during the Luna-Hidalgo banquet held in Madrid, reached the Philippines via two ways: one thru the draft Rizal sent to Antonio Rivera and the other thru the periodicals he sent to his friends.

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