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Rizal in France

19 November 1885
While in Paris, Rizal recieved information from Ceferino de Leon about the prevailing vices among the Filipinos in the house of Aceveno in Madrid, abetted by the lousy women gamblers.

27 November 1885
Rizalís transfer to Paris was disapproved by Paciano who, at the same time, informed Rizal that his letter caused their mother to shed tears; that Rizalís brown horse would be sold, the money to be remitted to him in Paris together with the chronometer watch worth $300 (Mexican dollars).

4 December 1885
He was practicing ophthalmology with Dr. Weeker at the Crugen Clinic.

19 December 1885
The news that the Filipinos in Madrid were preparing a Christmas banquet in spite of the little money they had, was relayed in a letter to Rizal in Paris by Ceferino de Leon who also informed the former about his (de Leonís) plan of going to Paris the following summer.

1 January 1886
Rizal represented to Paz Pardo de Tavera a pair of Greek vases which he painted the other with the picture of the Filipinos engaged in cockfighting, and the other with the same people at work as milkmen and as prisoners at hard labor.

January 1886
In the album of Paz Pardo de Tavera, he entered the illustrated story of the
monkey and the turtle.

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