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Rizal in Heidelberg, Germany

3 February 1886
He arrived at Heidelberg. The town to him looked gay. On the streets he saw students with cups of different colors.

6 February 1886
Rizal was living in a boarding house costing him 28 duros a month. He found German life full of potatoes; potatoes in the morning and potatoes in the evening.

9 February 1886
He penned a letter to his family in Calamba describing his life in Heidelberg and his trip from Paris to the city of flowers.

14 February 1886
With an old woman as guide, Rizal visited the interior of the famous castle in Heidelberg. He saw the hallmof the pages. Waiting room, audience chamber, the court, and many other parts of building.

17 February 1886
In a letter, he informed his family in Calamba of his visits to the eye clinic of Dr. Otto Becker.

18 February 1886
He planned to change his residence. He wanted to tranfer to 12 Ludwigsplats, near the University.

19 February 1886
He must have transferred to 12 Ludwigsplats. In a letter to his family in Calamba, he describe the duels he saw in Hirschgasse among students belonging to different corporation.

11 March 1886
He wrote to his younger sister, Trinidad, describing the German girl as "serious, studious, and very much attached to his work" However, she did not have that "delicacy of hearth’ of the Filipino woman. He advised Trinidad to read and read.

22 April 1886
While in Heidelberg experiencing the feeling of nostalgia for his parents and his country, Rizal wrote the poem "A Las Flores de Heidelberg."

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