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Rizal in Leipzig, Germany

15 August 1886
Rizal arrive at Leipzig at 9:30 in the morning.

16 August 1886
In a letter, Rizal offered his little knowledge in Tgalog to Prof. Blumentrit for thr latter’s study of the language. He said that his knowledge in tagalog which he studied since boyhood is as useful as that friars and chroniclers who had stayed for a short time in the Philippines.

2 September1886
He witnessed the fiesta of the Sedan, which was highlighted by the inauguration of the beautiful fountain in front of the museum of Leipzig

13 October 1886
Rizal, in company with the school teacher, Hering visited one of two big beer manufacturing companies, situated in Reudnitz, and owned by a Mr. Riebek.

14 October 1886
He got acquainted persolly with Doctor Hans Meyer, chief of the Bibliographical Institute of the Germany, and author of one of the two famous encyclopaedical dictionaries of Germany.

21 October 1886
Rizal left Leipzig for Halle to observe the country life of the people there. He returned in the afternoon.

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