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Rizal in Manila

5 August 1887
At 9:00 o’clock in the evening, Rizal arrived at Manila after five years of study and patriotic labors in Europe.

6 August 1887
He saw sunset in Maiveles.

8 August 1887
Taking the boat Biñan, he left Manila Monday morning for Calamba via the Pasig River. He found the river more exuberant than before.

18 August 1887
In a letter, Archbishop P. Payo instructed Fr. Gregorio Echevarria, Rector of the University of Sto. Thomas, that an information about the novel Noli Me Tangere be issued by a Commission composed of University professors Fr. Matias Gomez, Fr. Norberto del Prado and Fr. Evaristo Fernandez Arias.

30 August 1887
He left Calamba for Manila to see Governor-General on the issue of the Noli Me Tangere which caused torment among the friars in the Philippines. Governor-General Terrero asked him for a copy and Rizal, after a few days looking for copy, handed him a worn out one.

– On the same date, the Calustro Universitario formed by the Rector of Santo Thomas upon the order of the Archbishop of Manila, issued an order prohibiting the possession and reading of the Noli Me Tangere.

September 1887
Rizal decided not to leave his family within this year. His sister Olimpia died of hemorrhage while giving birth. His father did not permit him to go out alone and eat in the house of his relatives.

26 September 1887
He sent to Blumentritt 6 cigarettes, sampaguita, cinnamon, kamuning flowers, and a Tagalog lighter which he himself invented in Calamba and which he called Sulpakan. All this things were placed in a small box which was used by Prof. Blumentritt in sending Rizal the pin the latter left in Kreb Hotel, Leitmeritz, while the hero was yet in Vienna. He also informed his good friend (Blumentritt) about the death of his sister Olimpia.

October 1887
In order to discourage his townmates from going to cockpits and other forms of gambling, he encouraged and popularized physical exercises by giving classes in gymnastics. Meanwhile, he was happy to know that Prof. Blumentritt was translating his (Rizal’s) novel to German, saying it was a greaqt honor for him.

19 October 1887
Rizal made a pencil drawing of a sailboat sailing on Lagunade Bay, which he saw with Jose Taviel de Andrade, Lieutenant of the Civil Guards assigned by the Governor-General Terrero to protect him, during an excursion to Los Baños. This drawing was sent to Blumentritt.

December 1887
Rizal and Maximo Viola met again in Manila in the house of Pedro Serrano, on San Jose Street (Trozo). Viola endorsed to Rizal a Patient named Lorenzo Tuazon for an eye operation.

3 December 1887
He was able to earn $900 from his medical practice. He thought of taking with him the amount when he would leave for abroad.

29 Decmber 1887
The Permanent Board Of Censure headed by Fr. Salvador Font issued a judgment absolutely prohibiting the circulation of the Noli Me Tangere in the Philppines. Upon the recommendation of the Governor-General, Father Font said: "…Aside of attacking so directly, as you have seen your Excellency, the Religion of the state, institutions and respectable persons for their official character, the book is replete of foreign teachings and doctrines; and the general synthesis of the same is to inspire among the loyal and submissive sons of Spain in these distant islands, profound,and furious hate to the mother country…"

8 January 1888
rizal wrote a petition to the Administrator of Public Islands of Laguna about the Haciendas of the friars in Calamba. He cited all the grievances of the Calamba folks and tenants against the supposed owner of the hacienda. He said the owner didn’t help in the improvement of agriculture, in the celebration of the town fiesta, in the education of the children, and that the profit of the hacienda incresed due to the increased rentals.

3 February 1888
Rizal, after staying in the Philippines for almost six months, left Manila for Hongkong, bringing with him P5,000 which he earned from his medical practice.

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