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Rizal in America

28 April 1888
Rizal arrived at San Francisco, California.

28 April to May 1888
He was placed in quarantine for 6 days on board the Belgic anchored off San Francisco Bay.

5-6 May 1888
Rizal boarded at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California. He went around for observation of the city.

8 May 1888

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He started his trip of the American continent. He passes through Reno, Ogden, Denver, Farmington, Salt Lake City and Provo.

9 May 1888
Rizal continued his trip, passing the territory of the State of Colorado.

10 May 1888
He passed thru the territory of the Nebraska, Illinois.

11 May 1888
He arrived at Chicago, after four days crossing the American Continents.

13 May 1888
He reached Albany and later traveled along the bank of the Hudson River. This day was the end of his transcontinental trip. Arriving at New York on the morning, he boarded at the Fifth Avenue Hotel.

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