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Rizal in London

2 June 1888
Dr. Reinhold Rost and family tendered in their house a tea party in Rizalís honor. Rizal saw in the Rostís house a good Filipiniana library. (Dr. Reinhold Rost, a book lover, librarian of the Minister of Foreign Relations of England and famous Malayalogist, had especial predilections for Rizal whom he used to call Hombre perla).

23 June 1888
He thought of publishing the second edition of the Noli Me Tangere with the illustrations of Juan Luna and with slight changes. He wanted to correct the typographical errors and the erroneous citation of Shakespeare which should be that of Schiller.

27 June 1888
In a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to send more Copies of the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines. He told Ponce that the question of writing with more or less literature is just secondary; what is essential is to think and to feel rightly, to work for an object and the pen will take charge of transmitting the ideas.

9 July 1888
Rizal asked Pof. Blumentritt for advice whether or not to answer Senator vida who denounced him (Rizal) in the Senate in Madrid as an intimate friendof Prince Bismarch, and his novel as anti-Catholic, preaching protestant and socialist.

12 July 1888
The Hispano-Filipino association was reorganized by the Filipinos in Madrid and by theSpaniards sympathizing the cause of the filipinos, headed by Sr. Morayta.

26 July 1888
It was decided to write in the press and artile which would teach Senator Vida courtesy and honesty. Earlier, he had written a letter to the Senator in Madrid whose answer he was waiting for.

27 July 1888
Rizal wrote a letter to Mariano Ponce (Naning) telling the latter of his experience in his travel Manila via Hongkong, Japan and North America, and the people he met in Hongkong, who he said, are enthusiastic about the Noli and are studious and patriots.

16 August 1888
Rizal was admitted to the reading room of the British Museum of London.

August 1888
He was busy with the Morga. He thought of copying the whole book and annotating it for publication as his gift to the Filipinos. Dr. Antonio Regidor, one of the exiles of the 1872 event, promised to be his capitalist. Along with the Morga he wanted also to publish Blumentrittís "Tribes of Mindanao" including some new documents which he found in the British Museum.

18 August 1888
With the intention of writing the continuation of his first novel, Rizal asked Mariano Ponce in a letter to send him two or more copies of the Noli. Rizal planned t hav a picture taken : one copy to be sent to Ponce and the other to be included in the publication of the second novel.

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