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Rizal Back in London

19 September 1888
Rizal finished copying the whole book of Morga.

30 September 1888
In a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to forward to Hongkong the box of Noli so that Jose Maria Basa could send them to the Philippines where the Filipinos needed them.

12 October 1888
He was admitted to study in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the British Museum of London.

- In a letter, he told Mariano Ponce that he was working hard day and night in the British Museum in London in order to be able to fight and defeat the enemies. He contemplated of going to Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and passing thru Holland, Germany and Denmark.

13 October 1888
At seven thirty at the evening, he received a telegram from Hongkong with the information that Manuel Hidalgo, husband of his sister Saturnina, was deported to Bohol without being informed of the cause.

October 1888
He was busy reading all the old sources of Philippine history. He wanted to read them all before leaving London. He had already copied all parts of pigafetta, likewise a summary of Chirino.

1 November 1888
In a letter, he was invited by the Filipinos in Madrid to direct the newspaper, which they planned to put up, telling him that the newspaper would not prosper without him.

8 November 1888
He was very happy to know that an old Filipino priest whom he didnít know personally, a Doctor in Theology and who occupied a high position in the Manila Cathedral depended him against Fr. P. Rodriguez, declaring that the Noli is very Christian.

14-18 November 1888
He was busy reading the book of Gaspar de San Agustin about the Philippines. He found the book full of pessimism especially that part which refers to the Indios. The book would have been one of the best references on Philippines literature if not for this defect, according to Rizal.

6 December 1888
Rizal received the news that in spite his opposition, he was elected director of the new newspaper. He was the only candidate who met less adversaries. With this outcome, he planned to go to Madrid to see the members of the Filipino Colony.

6 December 1888
he wrote an extensive article on the meaning and determination of the island Ma-Yi described by Chao JuKua, the Chinese chronicler, in his old Chinese codex.

8 December 1888
Rizal sent to Dr. Carlos Czepelack his sculptural work Revancha in exchange for the beautiful landscape he received from the latter. During the previous days he read the book of Multatuli, a Dutch author. He found the book similar to his Noli with difference, however, on the strength of attack. Rizalís attacks are more violent than those of Multatuliís.

11 December 1888
He left London for Barcelona and Madrid.

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