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Rizal in Brussels, Belgium

2 February 1890
Rizal arrived Brussels from Paris.

12 February 1890
In a letter advised Mariano Ponce Barcelona to collect the article he (Ponce) was publishing because they would be useful later, publishing them in book form.

15 February 1890
His letter "Excelmo., SeŮor Don Vicen Barrantes" was published in the La Solidaridad.

5 March 1890
In a letter he told Dr. A.B. Meyer that the Filipinos before the coming of the Spaniards used to drink "arak" or wine of nipa or coconut tree, and were chewing buyo. The opium, according to him, was introduced after the arrival of the Spaniards.

31 March 1890
His editorial article "Filipinas en el congreso" was published in the La Solidaridad.

He planned of establishing on top of a hill in Calamba a school which would be directed by him. He hoped the Filipino youth would study in this school.

15 April 1890
Rizalís letter to his countrymen, "Sobre la nueva ortografia de la lengua tagala," was published in the La Solidaridad.

His article "Seamos justos" was published in the La Solidaridad.

17 April 1890
Rizal didnít believe that the Filipinos came from Sumatra. After reading the book of Marsden, Sumatra, he found many similarities about the two people especially in costumes; but he didnít draw the conclusion that Filipinos came from Sumatra. He said that from two similar poeple no conclusion could be drawn that one came from the other. The two might be the sons of a dead father.

30 April 1890
His editorial article "Cosas de Filipinas" was published in the La Solidaridad.

26 May 1890
His article "Mas sobre el asunto de Negros" was published in the La Solidaridad.

26 May1890
He came to know that his annotations of Morgaís work was very much searched and read in the Philippines. A copy reached twice the original price of 12.50 francs.

28 May 1890
In a letter, he complained to M.H. del Pilar about the Filipinos indulging in gambling in Madrid. He said that Juan Luna and Valentin Ventura in Paris were complaining about it, as it became known already in the Philippines.

6 June 1890
In a letter Rizal wanted his sister Soledad to be virtuous and possessed of good qualities in order to serve as a model among her pupils.

11 June 1890
He informed M.H. del Pilar that he was not separating from the La Solidaridad but was only resting and giving others the opportunity to use their pen. Rizal was going to continue the second part of the Noli.

28 June 1890
Persecutions against Rizalís family in Calamba were intensified. These were communicated to him in Brussels by his brother. People were driven from Calamba by the friars aided by the civil guards.

3 July 1890
In order that Antonio Luna would know about his activities in Brussels, Rizal informed the former that he was working and studying, going to the clinic, reading and writing, and going to the gymnasium and the "Sala de Armas" for practice.

5 July 1890
In a letter Rizal reminded Dr. Blumentritt if he had received already the two sculptural works which were sent on Sept.22, 1899.

9 July 1890
In a letter to M. Ponce, he opposed Graciano Lopez Jaenaís going to Cuba. He said it is useless: "If one has to die let him die at lest in his own country, for the cause of his country and for the welfare of his people." He informed Mariano Ponce about this.

15 July 1890
His essay "Sobre la indolencia in the La Solidaridad (first installment).

Also his editorial article "Una Esperanza" was published in the La Solidaridad.

18 July 1890
Rizal received from Mariano Ponce, who was in Barcelona, 125 francs. The money arrived at a time when Rizal had just one franc left in his pocket for his existence in Brussels. He planned to go to Madrid.

In a letter he promised to Marcelo H. del Pilar that the was leaving Brussels before the end of the month. He wanted to present before the Supreme Court in Madrid the lawsuit against the friars of Calamba.

20 July 1890
He sent to Madrid the continuation of the "Sobre la indolencia de los Filipinos." He also sent the authority for the presentation of the case before the Supreme Court. He planned of leaving Brussels at the end of the month. His family lost the cases in Calamba against the friars and Paciano elevated the case to the Supreme Court in Madrid.

29 July 1890
Rizal informed Mariano Ponce of his departure for Madrid on the 1st of August and his arrival there on the 3rd or the 4th day of the same month.

31 July 1890
His essay "Sobre la indolencia de los Filipinos" was published in the La Solidaridad (second installment).

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