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Rizal in Ghent, Belgium
3 July 1891
Rizal received from Jose Ma. Basa the amount he was borrowing for his trip to Hong Kong from Marseilles, as well as the letter for the Director of the Messageries Maritimes. He was boarding at 9 Rue de Hinaut.

9 July 1891
He was financially hard up. He did not receive for three months up to this date any pension from home. He was living in the most difficult situation, renting a small room and eating the modest food in order to economize and able to publish the Fili. He had already pawned all his jewels.

29 July 1891
Rizal informed Eduardo Lete about the details of the two agricultural colonies in Belgium, telling the latter that the Hoogstragen colony is for men and that of Brujas, for women. To know the details about this request of Lete, Rizal personally went to Brussels.

4 August 1891
In a letter, he thanked Prof. Blumemtritt for the two books: the first volume of I El Sacerdocio and the beautiful treaties of Mal Epos. He planned to write articles about these but the El Filibusterismo consumed his time.

6 August 1891
He told Juan Zulueta that it was never his habit to provoke conflicts; that the idea which precipitated the conflict among the members of the Colony in Madrid did not come from him but from other persons, and that he never had the desire under his leadership to subordinate neither the La Solidaridad nor its director.

23 August 1891
In a letter, Rizal informed Blumentritt that Padre Leoncio Lopez, the old parish priest of Calamba who wanted to see and shake hands with him again in Calamba before eternally leaving the valley of tears, but who died before the publication of the Noli, is described in the Fili as Padre Florentino.

24 August 1891
Rizal wrote a letter to Mariano Ponce in Madrid informing the latter that he was deeply hurt by the false accusations coming from Manila. However, he reiterated his adherence to the cause of the movement.

26 August 1891
In a letter, he informed Basa in Hong Kong that the Fili was coming out in September.

16 September 1891
The El Filibusterismo was about to come off the press of F. Meyer, Van Loo at No. 66 Vlanderestraat. He was elated, together with Jose Alejandro who was staying with him at No. 32 Vlanderestraat, near the printing press.

18 September 1891
The Fili came off the press and Rizal sent to Hong Kong two copies: one for Jose Ma. Basa and the other for Sixto Lopez.

22 September 1891
He sent one copy of his El Filibusterismo to Marcelo H. del Pilar. He informed the latter at the same time that he was completely retiring from politics since he said he was going home. Likewise, he sent a copy to Antonio M. Regidor, one of his countrymen living in London.

He planned of writing the third novel during his travel back home. He wanted to write about the customs and usages of the Filipinos in a humorous and satirical style.

25 September 1891
Valentin Ventura sent to Rizal in Ghent 200 francs for the publication expenses of the Fili.

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