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Rizal Bound for Hong Kong

18 October 1891
Rizal left Marseilles for Hong Kong aboard the Melbourne. On board, the beauty of Mme. De Block amused him

19 October 1891
He woke up near Corcega. The day was beautiful, fresh and carried mild breeze.

He was surprised to hear Bishop Volenteri talked much about the Philippines. The Bishop had stayed in the Philippines for 23 years.

23 October 1891
He arrived at Alejandria where the boat was invaded by the vendors offering the passengers their services. He was irked by the natives’ behaviors.

24 October 1891
At six o’clock in the morning, he left Port Said to start his trip along the Suez Canal.

25 October 1891
In the evening, while traveling in the Red Sea, Rizal had a long discussion about religion with Bishop Volenteri. The Bishop was so intolerant.

29 October 1891
He visited Aden and found the place more beautiful now than before. Here he saw slave cargoes.

31 October 1891
He passed the point of Guardafui. This was his 14th day on the sea on board the S.S. Melbourne since he departed from Marseilles.

1 November 1891
He had a conversation with a Russian naturalist, who asked him whether he was a patriot, whether his country was unfortunate. In return, Rizal asked the Russian what consists the misfortune of a nation.

2 November 1891
It was on this day that, on board the Melbourne, he made mention of Mr. W. B. Prayer who later became Rizal’s correspondent regarding the North Borneo settlement project.

3 November 1891
The sky was cloudy when Rizal woke up. Many passengers became sick on board. His clothes became wet. In the evening, he heard an Englishman sang ballads, among them the "Diver" and the " I am Khulen Keller."

4 November 1891
The day continued to be cloudy. Rizal was surprised how fast the oxidation took place among the iron bars. The fiesta prepared on board was suspended because of the bad weather. After hearing the discussion about "will "and "hope", he told his listeners that without hope there is no will.

5 November 1891
He had a long conversation about things related to Medicine, towns, girls, writers, artists, feeling and literature with Mme. De Block.

In the afternoon, he played chess with the best players. He won. At 8:30 in the evening, he arrived at Colombo.

6 November 1891
He took a walk around the town of Colombo. He went to see the Museum, the hospital, the Temple of Buddha, and other places of interest. Here he made a detailed observation of the different Buddha peoples he met on the street.

8 November 1891
On board, Rizal met some Franciscans whom he informed about the Franciscans in the Philippines. They told him that if the Franciscans of the Philippines are rich, then they are no longer Franciscans.

10 November 1891
Rizal had a talk with Mr. W. B. Prayer about the colonization of North Borneo. At four o’clock in the afternoon, he arrived at Singapore where he came to know about the departure of General Despujol for the Philippines.

14 November 1891
He arrived at Saigon. He went ashore to visit the town. He saw the Museum and the Zoological Garden.

15 November 1891
He was still in Saigon on this day. He made so many visits around the town with his co-passengers. He went to Chelong, a city hall an hour travel from Saigon, for observation.

16 to 19 November 1891
Rizal was again on board the S. S. Melbourne traveling from Saigon to Hong Kong.

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