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Rizal in the Philippines
26 June 1892
Rizal arrived in the Philippines from Hongkong on board the boat Don Juan. After having been inspected by the custom men, he boarded in the Oriente Hotel where he occupied room No. 22, facing the Binondo church. His sister, Lucia, accompanied him in his return to the Philippines. In the evening, he attended the reunion held in the house of Don Ong-junco, a Chinese mestizo, who was living in the district of Tondo. Here he met many Filipinos who were later arrested and executed as a consequence of the discovery of the Katipunan.

27 June 1892
He took a train for his pleasure trip to Bulacan and Pampanga. He visited Malolos, San Fernando and Tarlac and his return, Bacolor.

28 June 1892
At 5:00 p.m. he arrived at Manila from his trip to Central Luzon.

29 June 1892
At 7:30 in the morning, he went to see Governor-General Eulogio Despujol. They talked about the Borneo plan. The Governor-General was very much opposed to it. Rizal was told to return the following Sunday.

June 1892
Rizal used to see Maximo Viola in the Oriental Hotel prior to his (Rizalís) deportation to Dapitan. Here Rizal confided to Viola the results of his interview with the Governor-General, which he termed sometimes pessimistic, sometimes optimistic.

3 July 1892
Rizal had again an interview with Governor-General Despujol. He thanked Governor-General Despujol for lifting the order of exile for his sisters. The Governor told him to come back the following Wednesday.

In the evening, he attended a meeting at a house on Calle Ylaya to discuss the proposed Liga Filipina.

6 July 1892
Rizal held the last interview with the Governor-General. The governor-general confronted him for anti-friar bills supposedly found in the baggages of his sister Lucia. He was ordered imprisoned in Fort Santiago.

7 July 1892
Governor-General Eulogio Despujol issued a decree deporting Rizal to Dapitan. All the newspapers of the city published the decree on that day.

14 July 1892
In his prison cell, he was informed by D. Ramon Despujol , aide and the nephew of the Governor- General, that at 10:00 in the evening they would leave for Dapitan.

15 July 1892
At 1:00 on the morning, Rizal was shipped on board the boat S. S. Cebu to Dapitan. He was given good cabin, but well guarded.

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