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Rizal Back at Home
7 October 1896
Rizal stayed inside his cabin on the board the S.S. Colon the whole day. He was a little bit affected by the cold air. In the evening, he had conversation on various matters with two soldiers.

8 October 1896
He woke up very hungry and weak. The infantry officer informed him that various newspapers in Madrid identified him as the author of the disorders in the Philippines.

9 October 1896
On this day, he woke up a little bit lively. He thought that the order of his return to the Philippines was timely for, according to him, he could refute the accusations hurled against him. He was guarded in his cabin the whole day.

10 October 1896
The two holes of his cabin were covered in the morning, thus depriving him of the sunlight. He was not given breakfast, only supper.

11 October 1896
The boat arrived at Port Said. His diary was confiscated form him.

29 October 1896
He arrived at Singapore bound for the Philippines. He was the object for an application for a writ of Habeas Corpus prepared by Charles Burton Buckley and Manuel Camus. Since the boat carried a Spanish flag and Rizal was detained on order by the Spanish government, the applications was turned down by Lionel Cox, S. J. The two Solicitor for Rizal were Rodyk and Davidson.

2 November 1896
Before arriving at Port Said, his travel diary was returned to him. His baggage was searched minutely and he was lodged in prison cell everytime the S.S Colon approached a port anchor.

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