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Rizal in Madrid, Spain
2 September 1882
Rizal matriculated at the Universidad Central de Madrid. He took the following subjects: medical clinic, surgical clinic, legal medicine and obstetrical clinic.

2 October 1882
He attended his regular classes which stared in all earnest.

4 October 1882
Asked to deliver a poem by the members of Circulo Hispano-Filipino, there together in the effort to save the association from disintegration, Rizal recited "Me piden versus." The meeting was held at the house of Pablo Ortiga y Rey.

7 October 1882
He attended again of the Circulo Hisfano-Filipino held in house of Mr. Ortiga.

2 November 1882
He wrote the article "Revista de Madrid" which was in intended for publication in the Diarong Tagalog in Manila, but was not published because the newspaper stops its circulation.

7 November 1882
Rizal wrote an article entitled "Las Dudas". The article was signed Laong - Laan.

30 December 1882
In a letter, Rizal revealed to Paciano his plan of going to Paris or Rome in June. He wanted to practice French in Paris and Italian in Rome and to observe the customs of people in those cities.

- In the evening, Rizal dreamed he was an actor dying in the scene, feeling intensely the shortage of his breath, the weakening of his strength, and darkening of his sight. He woke up tired and breathless.

1 January 1883
Rizal felt sad in the morning. He recollected the terrible dream he had the previous night.

15 January 1883
He attended the birthday of Pablo Ortiga with some of the Filipinos.

16 January 1883
He attended the masquerade ball in Alhambra with some of his countrymen.

13 February 1883
In a letter Rizal appraised his brother Paciano of his activities in Madrid, his impressions of the city and his meeting with his friends in gathering. In part he said: "The Tuesday of the Carnival we had a Filipino luncheon and dinner in the house of the Pateros, each one contributing one duro. We ate with our hands, boiled rice, chicken adobo, fried fish and roast pig.

2 May 1882
Rizal recollected his past impressions when he left his hometown Calamba. This day he attended a fiesta in Madrid.

26 May 1883
In a letter, Rizal was informed by Paciano of the 1,350 loaves of milled sugar produced from the Pansol farm and at the same time granting him to proceed to Paris as soon as he finished the medical course in Madrid.

15 June 1883
Rizal left Madrid for Paris to spend his summer and to observe the big French City.

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