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Rizal in Basel, Switzerland

3 June 1887
Rizal and Viola drank beer in Baverieche, Bierhalle, Basel, Switzerland. A paper napkin with the trademark of the said establishment proves that they were in this place on their way to Geneva. They left the place the following day, June 4.

6 June 1887
Rizal and Viola arrived at Geneva and boarded at Rue due Rhone 3, Pension Bel-Air. Here Rizal expressed his feeling against the exhibition of the Igorots in Madrid side by side with the animals and plants. In a letter to Blumentritt, he wished the Igorots would die immediately to avoid further sufferings.

10 June 1887
Rizal changed the original plan for his trip. He wanted now to pass Italy, te country of European Laws, before leaving Europe. He hoped to stay in Geneva up to the 20th of the month.

13 June1887
Rizal sent a letter to Fernando Canon requesting the latter to sell the copies of the Noli, not less than 5 pesetas per copy. Canon was given 10% commission for the copies sold.

19 June 1887
With Maximo Viola, Rizal celebrated his 26th birthday in Geneva, Switzerland. His attitude towards revolution was manifested in his letter to Blumentritt on the following terms: "I do not have interest of taking part in any conspiracy, which seems to me very premature and risky. But if the government obliges it to us, meaning, when no other hope is left for us than search for our perdition in war, when the Filipinos prefer to die supporting misery, then I shall also become supporter of violent means. It is on the hands of Spain whether to select peace or perdition because it is an evident fact which all know that we are patient, very patient and peaceful."

23 June 1887
Rizal and Maximo Viola parted at Geneva, after visiting European cities

-Rizal going to Rome and Viola to Barcelona

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