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Rizal in Rome, Italy

27 June 1887
Rizal arrived at Rome and walked around the whole day. He visited the Capitolio, the Roca Tarperya, the Palatinum, the Forum Romanun, the Museum Capitolinum and the church of Santa Maria, the maggiore. He tool a flower from the Palace of Septimius Severus, which he sent to Blumentritt

29 June 1887
From Rome, Rizal wrote his father: "I was in Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, and for some days I have been here." Heannounced his return to the Philippines between the 15th and 30th of August.

30 June 1887
He considered the day a lucky one for him, meeting on the railway an Italian priest who treated him like an old friend and whom he considered his Father Confessor.

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