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Rizal Back in London

24 December 1888
Rizal arrived at London from his twelve days visit to Spain.

24 December 1888
In a letter, he reminded Prof. Blumentritt of the two busts he sent the latter before leaving for Madrid. The Augustus, which took him 10 days modeling, was given as a Christmas gift to Prof. Blumentritt and the Julius, to Dr. Carlos Czepelack. (Jesus Christ was born during the time of Octavio Cesar called Augosto by the Roman Emperors, hence, as his affection for Prof. Blumentritt, Rizal gave him the Augustus).

28 December 1888
In a letter, he requested Fernando Canon to be the interpreter of his (Rizalís) sentiments on the December 31st gathering among the Filipino in Madrid.

- In a letter, Rizal requested Ponce to publish the manuscript of the "La Vision de Fr. Rodriguez", about 3,000 to 4,000 copies, and for its expenses, to utilize the money earned for selling copies of the Noli.

31 December 1888
Rizal sent a letter to be read before the reunited Filipinos in Madrid, animating them to do something worthy for the country. He reaffirmed his loyalty to the association and his desire to think and feel with the members, to dream, to want, and to plan something good for the country.

January 1889
in a letter, Rizal told Jose Ma. Basa in Hongkong not to send the rest of the copies of the Noli to the Philippines to prevent them from being burned or destroyed by the timid Filipinos. "If the present generation does not like to read my book because of fear. I will keep it for the next generation to comeÖ," said Rizal.

6 January 1889
in a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to change the word sabio to como libre pensador in his (Rizalís) article "La Vision de Fr. Rodriguez" which was sent to Barcelona for publication.

14 January 1889
He sent to Prof. Blumentritt a copy of his plan of forming an International Association of Filipinologists, asking the latter for his opinion about this plan. He thought of holding a conference among the members during the Paris exposition in August, 1889.

4 February 1889
Rizal rejoiced because of the coming out on the 15th of the month of the publication La Solidaridad in Barcelona. This was communicated to Marcelo H. del Pilar. He urged that one of the Filipinos staying in Barcelona should study the Italian language to be able to read and study the manuscript written in Italian and which treated about the Philippine situation in 1520. The manuscripts, according to Rizal, were written by one of the companions of Magellan.

6 February 1889
In a letter, he requested Prof. Blumentritt to talk with Dr. A. B. Meyer concerning the Association of Filipinologists. The latter was elected member of the organization.

14 February 1889
In a letter, he requested Dr. A. B. Meyer to nominate one Dutch member to the International Association of Filipinologists.

22 February 1889
he wrote the famous letter to the women of Malolos, as per request by Marcelo H. del Pilar.

27 February 1889
in a letter, he informed Dr. A. B. Meyer that Dr. Niuman from Holland, did not accept the position of adviser-member of the Association due to the latterís many occupations.

5 March 1889
In a letter, Rizal congratulated Graciano Lopez-Jaena for the excellent speech, which the latter delivered.

15 march 1889
Rizalís article "El Solfeo de La Defensa" was published in the La Solidaridad.

-His "Los agriculores Filipinos" was published in the La Solidaridad.

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