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Rizal Back in Paris

19 March 1889
Rizal arrived at Paris and immediately founded the Kidlat Club. Since he had no time to publish immediately the annota-tions to the Morgans Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, he planned to edit the Ethnography of Mindanao together with Blumentritt Defense.

On the same day, Rizal, in Paris, permitted Mariano Ponce to publishthe poem "En Bosque" advising the latter pay attention to the signature Laong Laan. Likewise, advised Ponce to buy Filipino books and to mention its authors from time to time.

27 March 1889
He received a table cloth gift from Mrs. Rosa Blumwentritt. In order to remember her always, he placed it on his study table under the table lamp to remind him frequentlyduring his studies in the evening.

28 March 1889
Rizal borrowed from Blumentritt several pictures of different positions with the object of modeling some busts for the Professor. Rizal wanted to leave something as a remebrance of his art to the Austrian savant.

31 March 1889
His "Me Piden Versos…!" Signed Laong-Laan was published in the La Solidaridad.

March 1889
He became sick in Paris. In a letter to Graciano Loperz Jaena to whom he sent an article for the La Solidaridad, Rizal made mention of his being sick.

He requested Lopez Jaena to become a member of the kidlat, a Filipino Club in Paris. He advised Jaena on the way the newspaper La Solidaridad should be run.

12 April 1889
Another speech was delivered against Rizal in the Spanish Congress. Dr. Luis M. de Pardo, appearing in the Congress. Dr., Luis M. de Pardo, said that "… En Filipinas Sr. Presidente del Consejo Circula con gran profusion, y no ahora, sino desde hace algun tiempo, un libro titulado Noli Me Tengere, que ye suplicaria al Sr. Presidente quesuplicaria al Sr. Presidente que estudiar; pero hagalo con cierto ciudad proque tiene bastante envenenarse su señorita."

18 April 1889
In a letter, Rizal informed Mariano Ponce that if not for the 1872 event, he should have been a Jesuit and instead of writing the Noli Me Tangere, he should have written another.

23 April 1889
He sent a manuscript of the "Ethnography of Mindanao" to Barcelona for publication. Likewise, he sent to Dr. Joist the letter of Manuel Hidalgo in which the abuses of the friars in the Philippines were mentioned and from which Rizal hoped Dr. Joist could gather facts for publication in the Kolmer Zeitung.

30 April 1889
In a letter, Rizal Proposed to Mariano Ponce that a conference among Plaridel (Marcelo H. del Pilar), Apacible, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Ferdinand Blumintritt, Julio Llorente, Fernando Canon, and themselves should be held in Paris. He planned to return to Chalcot Crescent, London.

His article "a La Defensa" was published in the La Solidaridad.

2 May 1889
Rizal wrote Fernando Canon about his sentiment upon thinking that Canon’s child woulf later be a lost member or a country that needed men.

8 May 1889
He learned from Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera who arrived from the Philippines, that life in the country was impossible. Tavera told Rizal of his prediction that a big revolution in the Philippines would occur within ten years unless the condition would change.

15 May 1889
He sent the manuscript of his Article "por telepono" to publication in pamhlet form.

His article "Los Viajes" signed Laong Laan was published in the La Solidaridad.

20 May 1889
He requested ferdinand Blumentritt to write the prologue to the Morga which he was preparing for printing. Morever, he urged the Austrian Professor to come to Paris for vacation and conference, placing at the latter’s disposal 200 marks for transportation expenses.

He sent to Marcelo H. del Pilar a manuscript of an article, an answer to the "La Voz de Manila." He informed Del Pilar that he had Broken relation with Regidor due to the noncompliance of the latter of publishing his (Rizal’s) manuscript as per agreement.

23 May 1889
Rizal’s brother-in-law, Mariano Herbosa, died of cholera, together with Isidoro Alcala, both from Calamba. Herbosa was not buried in the holy ground but on the hill (Lecheria) outside Calamba, causing Rizal to publish in the La Solidaridad the biting article entitled "Una Profanacion" on July 31, 1889.

26 May 1889
he sent Mariano Ponce his answer to Barranter’ criticism. He instructed ponce to publish it with his (Rizal’s) name or that of Laong Laan.

31 May 1889
Rizal published his "La Verdad para Todos" in the La Solidaridad.

4 June 1889
He translated more than 30 pages of Blumentritt’s Memorias on the tribes of Mindanao. He expressed the illusion than when liberty brightens in the Philippines, he and Blumentritt would come and live together.

Dr. A. B. Meyer visited him in Paris.

6 June 1889
He conducted Julio Llorente, his childhood friend, around Paris the whole day. Rizal had to accompany Llorente always because the latter did not know French.

15 June 1889
Rizal’s letter "Al Sr. D. Vicente Barrantes" was published in the La Solidaridad (first installment).

18 June 1889
He sent to Marcelo H. del Pilar the manuscripts of the "Defensa del Noli" of Dr. Blumentritt. He wanted it to be published in the La Solidaridad by the end of the month.

19 June 1889
Rizal planned to leave Paris. He was annoyed by the exorbitant increase of room rentals. The landladies of Paris became opportunist of the presence of the Exposition.

23 June 1889
He continued with enthusiasm the translation of Blumentritt’s Memorias on the tribes of Mindanao. He was already on page 36.

Two copies of his picture (age 28) were sent to Blumentritt and Dr. Czepelack.

30 June 1889
Rizal’s letter he informed Mariano Ponce that he was going to wander for few days in other countries. He requested Ponce to inform the others on Barcelona about his plan.

4 July 1889
at 8:55 in the evening, Rizal Left Paris for Dieppe. He arrived at Vernon at 10:15 and at Rouen at 11:30 in the same evening. In his travel he was very much disturbed by a loquacious American who was always boasting of things American.

12 July 1889
Rizal arrived at Paris from London where he spent a few days confronting the proofs of the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas with the original book found in the British Museum. He resided now at 45 Rue de Manbenge and attended to the finishing touches of his annotations.

23 July 1889
He sent to the printing press his annotations to Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas and requested Prof. Blumentritt in a letter to keep secret the publication of the book because with it he wanted to surprise his compatriots.

30 July 1889
He was very busy the past days and on this day he was going to the printing press Garnier Hermanos, reading and correcting the proofs and adding new annotations to the work.

July 1889
His "Two Eastern Fables," a comparative study of the Japanese and Philippine folklore, appeared in Trubner’s Record (London).

31 July 1889
his article "Verdades Neuvas" was published in the La Solidaridad.

13 August 1889
he was admitted to make studies in the "Bibliotheque Nationale" of Paris. His Admission ended on December 31, 1889.

Rizal was very much occupied. He had much work to do and he felt blank.

14 August 1889
he received a telegram from Hongkong with the information that Paciano Mercado, Silvestre Ubaldo, Antonio and leandro Lopez, Mateo Elejorder and others were accused and threatened of deportation.

9 September 1889
Rizal was very busy in Paris putting the Morga in the final form.

-With five or six young men from lipa, who were in Paris and who were willing to go with him, he planned to visit Prof. Blumentritt in Leitmeritz the following year. Rizal wanted to show to Blumentritt that he (Blumentritt) was not depending in vain the Filipino people.

He attended the baptismal party of the child of Juan Luna.

10 September 1889
In Paris he met Sr. Moret, the ex-minister of the Spanish government. The ex-minister purposely went to Paris to meet and talk with the author of the Noli Me Tangere which he liked very much,

15 September 1889
His article "Differencias" was Published in the La Solidaridad.

21 September 1889
Rizal instructed Jose Ma. Basa to do away with pseudonyms in the articles he (Basa) was publishing in the newspapers in Hongkong. He requested Basa to pay especial attention to the packages or letters with the initials Rd. L. M. written on the envelope.

22 September 1889
In a package, he sent to Blumentritt two statues: a beggar with a hat and a maid with bilao on her hands. He sent, too, a wallet made of nito vines. All these things came from one of Blumentritt’s admirers in the Philippines.

30 September 1889
his essay "Filipinas Dentro de Cien Años" was published in the La Solidaridad (first installment).

10 October 1889
Rizal was believed to have written in Paris a proclama-tion carrying this date, in which a bloody revolution was being announced. Part of it follows: "cuando se le arranca del corazon hasta la ultima esperanza… entonces… entonces… entonces… no le queda otro remedio sino sangriento y suicida de la revolucion!!!"

20 October 1889
He insistently requested Prof. Blumentritt to write the prologue to his annotations to Morga’s Sucesos de las Filipinas, giving him the freedom of criticizing or eulogizing the work. Rizal said: "I want to give my countrymen an example that I do not write for myself nor for my glory, but for my country and that’s why I prefer the truth than my face. God grant that my countrymen also sacrifice their passions for the welfare of the country."

22 October 1889
He attended the nuptial ceremony of Felix Pardo de Tavera. Because of this event, he postponed his plan of going to London for the confrontation of the proofs with the original Morga in the British Museum.

31 October 1889
His essay "Filipinas Dentro de Cien Años" was published in the La Solidaridad (second installment).

4 November 1889
A secret member of the R.L.M. with the no. 2 grade was introduced to Marcelo H. del Pilar in a letter by Rizal. This secret member went to Madrid with the object of securing a high position in the Cathedral and avenging injustices of which he was a victim in the Philippines.

11 November 1889
He erased the name of Quioquiap from the prolongue written by Blumentritt for the Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas which was being printed with the Rizal annotation.

15 November 1889
His article "a La Patria" was published in the La Solidaridad.

22 November 1889
Rizal sent back to Blumentritt the original of the Prologue and the proofs with his corrections. He expressed his sentiments to Blumentritt that he did not like the Filipinos to be imploring and asking the confraternity of the Spaniards.

From Paris Rizal sent to Marcelo H. del Pilar in Madrid the Article about Blumentritt to be published in the La Solidaridad.

30 November 1889
His article "Inconsecuencias" was published in the La Solidaridad.

1 December 1889
He finished with the proofreading of the galley proofs of the Morga. He wrote to Dr. Meyer that as soon as the printing of the books is finished, one copy would be sent to him. Likewise, he explained to the latter the meaning of the word UPOS found in the book of Morga.

December 1889
From Paris Rizal sent to M.H. del Pilar the continuation of the "Filipinas dentro de cien años," some poems and letters of Bluementritt, all to be published at the disposal of the director of the La Solidaridad.

15 December 1889
His essay "Filipinas Dentro de Cien Años" was published in the La Solidaridad (third installment).

His poem the "Las Flores de Heidelberg" signed Laong Laan was published in the La Solidaridad.

23 December 1889
Copies of the Morga started coming out from the printing press. He sent one copy to Mariano Ponce in Barcelona. In a letter, Ponce told Rizal that the book would rectify the wrong notion, which the enemies had against the Philippines. A big blow against the enemies, he said further.

His admission permit to the Bibliotheque Nationale expired on this day.

3 January 1890
Rizal who was still in Paris announced to Ponce his return to London.

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